Dogwood Green Team - Believe

School: Dogwood Elementary

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The Dogwood Green Team of 50 students in grades 3 -7, has designed some creative solutions for sustainability. In response to the 'Be the Change' Challenge, students created action projects that helped address sustainability, including our Litterless Lunch project, which reduced the amount of garbage thrown out from lunches. In addition to our recycling program, we also started an in-school Compost program and promoted sales of composters to school families. This year, our school operated a schedule for grounds cleanup with each class taking turns weekly. We measured changes in behavior of our school community as a result of these actions. For the Litterless Lunch count, we weighed the garbage collected, collected data, and observed that the amount of litter decreased by 27%. Our surveys measured environmental attitudes and practices. We held several bottle drives and held a "Change for Change" coin drive to address sustainability issues by raising money for water filters in Africa. We measured an increase in the number of composts being used in the school. We measured an increase of households using composts in the community. Throughout the fall, once students started to believe that they could make a difference, our students worked together in our school to "be the change they wish to see in this world."

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