Erma Green Team



'Be the Change' Challenge

School: Erma Stephenson Elementary

Votes Received: 40

Our team designed some creative solutions for the environmental problem of land pollution. Student actions that helped address the challenge included our Litterless Lunch project, a campaign to reduce the amount of garbage thrown out from lunches. We helped make a ‘Be the Change’ Tree, where our students committed to one act of green for this year, wrote it on a leaf, and added it to our ‘Be the Change’ Tree. Through the medium of Fine Arts, we developed an Environmental Awareness campaign, including guest speakers, and had our students perform a Super Reduce Man Skit to promote reusable lunch containers, and perform “Trash Talk” (Rap and Drumming skit)to promote waste reduction. Our students also helped make 'Be the Change' I-Movies which were shown at assemblies & parent meetings, and intermediate students performed our 'Be the Change' Winter Concert for the community. In addition to our recycling program, we also started an in-school Compost program and promoted sales of composters to school families. We had a Anti-Plastics Campaign, where classes had cloth bags made for the home reading program to replace the use of plastic bags. This year, our school implemented a schedule for grounds cleanup with each class taking turns weekly. We measured changes in behavior of our school community as a result of these actions. For the Litterless Lunch count we collected data, and the amount of litter decreased from 858 to 569 pieces. Our surveys measured improvements in environmental attitudes and practices. We measured an increase in the number of students who switched to reusable cloth bags for our home reading program. We measured an increase in the number of composts being used in the school. We measured an increase of households using composts in the community. Throughout the fall, we worked together in our school to "Be the Change", our motto for the year.

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