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School: Killarney Secondary

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CHECK OUT THE POWERPOINT FILE BELOW! The Killarney Environment Club was started in 2007 by a few enthusiastic individuals. Since then, the club has grown to include more than 30 members. Contributions are made through various committees such as the Compost, Recycling, Adopt-A-Block, Garden and Social Committees, along with groups organized for ‘Go Green!’ and Club Campaigns. With this careful arrangement, we aspire to initiate and raise awareness about environmental issues. Our primary concerns are urban sustainability, recycling and conservation. One of our fundamental focuses is sustainability. We, the club feel that it is substantial to promote this in the light of globalization and consumption. The most prominent example is our organic garden which is headed by the Garden Committee. In the past, we have harvested the produce with relative success. It was also a good lesson in gardening! This year, our goal is to grow an array of plants and vegetables in order to effectively promote urban sustainability. New this year is the Compost Committee which has been given the task of reusing materials removed from the school cafeteria. The compost has been helping the plants grow vigorously and improved results are evident. Filmed videos relating to sustainability are also planned for the clubs viewing as well as a fieldtrip to BCIT’s Open House on Green Roofs. Community involvement is crucial and improving within our club. Other club concepts are recycling and conservation. These are carried out by numerous means of the club. And include battery collection, composting, conservation of heat and our EnviroBottle Campaign. The club hosted “Turn Down the Thermostat Week” which included the temperature to be lowered by a few degrees in all classrooms. Many students responded by wearing more layers and winter wear. Our goal was met when students realized that dressing smartly would save energy. The club is also pleased to say that the Bottle Campaign was complete success. We were able to raise $800 to donate and bring the topic of water conservation to the attention of our fellow classmates.




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