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Courtyard Green Space

School: Reynolds Secondary

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WE HOPE YOU TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH OUR ATTACHED POWER POINT LINKED BELOW...PLEASE BE PATIENT AS IT LOADS-- EACH SLIDE WILL AUTOMATICALLY ADVANCE AFTER 10 SECONDS...AFTER VIEWING USE YOUR BACK BUTTON BROWSER TO RETURN TO THIS PAGE. Also, check out our Green Spaces Website. THANK YOU. Problem: Food sustainability and value of green space at schools is important but not engaged in to a significant degree. ACTION: Our inner courtyard was an outdoor diamond in the rough. To bring it to life we convinced the district to remove the asphalt and with the help of a Leadership Victoria Team who worked with us to create the project plan, contracted LADR Landscape Architects to design the space. Then students built raised garden beds for an urban food garden (with guidance from Life Cycles Growing Schools), compost bins, cold frames, bat and bird houses. Next up is planting the seeds, building pergolas and an outdoor stage and planting native species gardens. Students are also planning tile mosaic art work for the inner courtyard walls. The entire school community has come together to create this space for connecting to nature and learning about the environment. We are also working with Life Cycles to create a comprehensive and very practical guide so that other schools may follow in our ecological footsteps.

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Mentors Consulted

Scientists and Innovators in the Schools
Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds
Leadership Victoria, LADR Landscape Architects, Cornucopia Permaculture Services, Life Cycles, University of Victoria


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