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ZERO Waste Recycling--"Finding Waste to Change"

School: Reynolds Secondary

Votes Received: 591

Problem: How to responsibily deal with WASTE at our school? ACTION: Yes-- we found out that pretty much everything can be recycled and IS NOW being recycled at Reynold Secondary. One hallway and set of classrooms have no garbage cans and everything is being recycled....we are moving along hallway by hallway with the goal to have everyone engaged by the end of the school year. Starting with the usual-- paper & cardboard and drinking containers (through ENCORP we then subcontracted to Pacific Mobile Depots ( host a monthly recycle depot in our parking lot run by our student volunteers. With the raised awareness that this brought to our school and community we were then poised to follow through with all food waste recycling (through reFUSE- and everything else as well (soft plastics, foil wrappers, hard plastics, styrofoam, etc) These things we take to our own depot! We've created a sustainable system that is working and are focusing now on educating our school population regarding the fact that two R's come before REYCLE as well... REDUCE and REUSE.

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Mentors Consulted

Sierra Club
Angus Stewart, reFUSE, ENCORP, Pacific Mobile Depots



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