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Westwood Garden Project

School: Westwood Elementary

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WE HOPE THAT YOU WILL TAKE THE TIME TO VIEW OUR POWER POINT SLIDE SHOW LINKED BELOW UNDER THE HEADING "FILES".It shows the building of Westwood's Garden. Westwood Elementary School is working diligently to become a green school. We recycle our paper, tin cans, plastic and beverage containers, do litter pick up in nearby parks, participate in ecology workshops such as the Stream of Dreams, Women in Forestry, worm composting, and Wild B.C. as well as work to reclaim our school grounds. The idea to build Westwood’s Garden arose from student comments about the pine beetle decimatation that has caused our urban forests to become desolate, stump-filled wastelands. Our students missed the trees! With the encouragement of our enthusiastic administration and the proprietor of Birch Creek Nursery, our first Evergreen grant was obtained. When asked what they would like to see on the grounds—a swimming pool, a lake, a river, lots of trees, flowers—-were some of the suggestions. So we planned for a collection stream, a shade structure and lots of planted green spaces. Although we were not allowed to construct the shade structure and many of our plans needed to be revised to fit with School District policies, a wonderful garden plan evolved. Our students shovelled, raked, dug, mixed concrete, made stepping stones, planted and watered until the backbone of our garden was prepared. The project was blessed with wonderful support from our community—everything from donated concrete for our stepping stones, trucking for our hog fuel mulch, and a crane to transport and lift our heavy trees. Although we would like to focus on the last twenty-four months of our garden, our group of eight Grade Seven students felt that the garden story could not be understood unless they showed the very beginning as well. So please treat 2005-2006 as a prequel to our Westwood Garden story. The students also thought that that it would not be right to leave the viewer without seeing our plans for the future. We are proud that we have raised all the money for this project through grants, in kind donations and penny drives! Our Aboriginal Garden, built in May and June of 2008, was the culmination of two years of research. Aboriginal Elders, books and the internet were consulted so that our garden was as authentic as possible to the nearby Carrier Nation traditions. The design was created with the help of our School District Aboriginal Education artist, Mrs. Stella George and our school Aboriginal Education worker, Mrs. Angela Sanderson. These ladies helped us to blend the botanical and mystical beliefs into a wonderful garden, outdoor classroom and picnic area.



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Mentors Consulted

Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds
Barb Rayment, master gardening instructor at UNBC, owner Birch Creek Nursery, Evergreen Consultant and author & Doug Lamb, Northern Bonsai, designer of the water feature at the Donald Douglas Garden at UNBC


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